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Welcome To OAPCE Dufferin-Peel


This website page is for the purposes of facilitating parent share for the OAPCE representatives in Dufferin-Peel


New to the OAPCE Representative Role

Welcome and thank you for taking on this important role at your local Catholic School Council.

An informed, engaged, motivated, and connected parent community is a great asset for the future of excellent publicly-funded Catholic education!

What’s Next?


Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board

The DPCDSB has been an OAPCE member school board for many years.



OAPCE directors from Dufferin-Peel volunteers are appointed for two year terms from the Regional Council and provide updates at the OAPCE Dufferin-Peel meetings and also report as a community member at the monthly Central Committee for Catholic School Councils (CCCSC) meetings.


Resources about Catholic Education in Ontario

Want to learn more about the history of publicly funded Catholic Education in Ontario?



Learn more about facts and myths of amalgamation.



Confirm if your taxes are directed to support Catholic Education?


Parent Engagement in Dufferin Peel

Our volunteer team aims to send out updates every few weeks.  For copies of previous emails, click below.



Minutes are posted after approval.



The regional council aims to have a meeting or informative presentations most months of the school year.  For upcoming events see below.


Other Resources for Parents

Parent Share Resources and Prayers

In this section you will find quick links to resources that have been shared over the years from past regional council meetings.



Do you have other prayers that you would like to share with us?

Please e-mail them to [email protected]

OAPCE’s Educational Partners

OAPCE has a strong relationship and the support of many Catholic partners.


About OAPCE Dufferin-Peel

We are the Regional Council for OAPCE representatives in Dufferin-Peel.  Our goal is to facilitate information shared from the OAPCE Board Of Directors (Provincial Level) to the local parent councils, through the appointed OAPCE representative.  We are 100% parent volunteers and all parents of children in the DPCDSB system.  As an information-sharing council, we bring parents together to share resources, success stories and be informed about the issues in publicly funded Catholic Education in Ontario.  Your role as the OAPCE representative on the Catholic School Council is to share information between the provincial organization (OAPCE) and your local parent council.  Sign up to the regional council mailing list to receive updates and meeting invitation.


Recent Documents

December 2022 Meting Minutes

to be approved

Presentation slides with key information for OAPCE reps in Dufferin-Peel

November 2022 Approved Minutes

OAPCE Dufferin-Peel report to the CCCSC - December 8th, 2022

Feel free to use this report as a guide to share information with your school principal and at your local parent council meetings.