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mailing address

OAPCE Dufferin-Peel
P.O. Box 60562
RPO Jane Wilson
Toronto, Ontario
M3N 2N5


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When and where are the meetings held?

  • Monthly meetings are generally the last Wednesday of the month (virtually).  There will be 1 – 2 special in person events each school year.  Meeting and events will be posted on the regional council calendar.   Agenda packages will be posted and emailed to OAPCE Dufferin Peel parents two weeks ahead.
  • Contact us at [email protected] for questions.

What experience is required to be an OAPCE Rep?

No experience necessary; however, should you have a skill or talent that you think we could use, please let us know.

We didn’t get a rep in September, is it too late?

Typically the rep is identified at the beginning of the school year. If an OAPCE representative is not appointed at your first council meeting the role defaults to the chair.

Who can vote at Regional Council meetings?

Only the OAPCE Representatives can vote. 

How do I register for meetings?

Registration is required. You will receive an e-mail with the agenda and links to register (ensure you sign up to our email list [email protected])

Can I be the OAPCE Rep for more than one school?

Yes, as long as you are nominated by those schools.

How many Regional Council meetings are held?

We generally have about 4-6 meetings per year and 1-2 parent engagement events.

Where can I get more information to share with my local CSC?

  • Visit the provincial website for recent news 
  • Review the latest Provincial newsletters 
  • Participate in regional council meetings and respond to surveys in your emails
  • Review resources for OAPCE representatives in Dufferin Peel 
  • Follow @oapceontario and @oapce_dp on Twitter
  • Opt in for emails